In-store Services

From viruses to blue screens to no power, PTS can handle any type of computer repair. No appointments are necessary, simply bring your system in anytime. If we are repairing a desktop, all we need is the tower, for laptops, tablets, and all-in-ones as well as the system we will need the power adapter. For customers who are not comfortable with disconnecting/reconnecting a system, we also offer a pickup/dropoff service.

Initially all systems are evaluated and subjected to a rigorous range of diagnostics. Once all issues are known, a technician will contact the customer and advise them as to the best course of action. Economy and honesty are a vital part of this process. We will never recommend unnecessary services or upgrades, the repair of a system after it has passed its useful life, or replacing a computer if it is not absolutely necessary. Once the customer has approved the necessary steps, repair is performed. Turnaround time from start to finish varies but is usually 2 or 3 days. Sadly not all systems can be repaired, even in this worse case scenario PTS can frequently retrieve a customer’s valuable data.

Diagnostic/Light difficulty: $40
Diagnosis of system issues and recommendations as to solutions or light difficulty labor. This fee will always be applied towards additional labor charges.

Moderate Difficulty: $75
Moderate difficulty repairs may include virus removal, hard drive replacement, reinstallation, performance enhancement.

High Difficulty: $95
High difficulty repairs may include severe virus removal, cloning of hard drive, motherboard replacement, multiple hardware issues.

Severe Difficulty: $105+
Severe difficulty repairs include laptop hinge or LCD replacement, specialized hardware or software service, partial rebuilds.


As well as repairs PTS offers additional in store services including installation of hardware or software, data transfer or backup, and data retrieval. Performing the initial setup, transferring settings, programs and data from an older system to a newer replacement is one of our most popular services. While moving to a new computer may seem intimidating, we can ensure that the process is as pain free as possible. Turnaround time for additional services varies but is usually same day or the next business day.

Other services:
Installation: $30
Installation and testing of hardware or software

Data Transfer: $35-65
Transferring data and settings from one system to another

Data Backup: $35 + Cost of Media
Retreival and copying of data from system to selected backup media

Data Retrieval: $55+
Attempt to retrieve data from damaged hard drive. Success is not guarenteed. Some or all data maybe irretrievable. Please note the retrieval process is lengthy.

Tablet Repair: $30
Repair of issues including charging difficulties, corruption, password lockout. Feasibility and cost of repairs is strongly influenced by brand of tablet.

Priority Service: $25 + Cost of Repair
In Store Priority Service does not guarantee same or next day completion. Service will begin immediately and every effort will be made to insure the system is completed as soon as possible.