On-site Services

PTS offers on-site service for both home and business. We realize that bringing in a system is sometimes inconvenient or impractical, especially for our business customers. In addition, certain types of services like networking can only be performed on site. While not every problem can be repaired on site, most minor issues can be solved quickly and easily. While serious issues such as virus removal, major performance enhancement, major hardware replacement, cannot be performed on-site due to time and equipment limitations, we do offer a pickup/drop-off service for our customer’s convenience and comfort. If you are unsure if your issue can be fixed on site please contact us and we can advise the best course of action. Priority service is also available for emergency situations.

Pickup/Drop-off Service: $35 + Cost of Repair

System will be picked disconnected and picked up at customer’s location, any necessary in store labor performed, then system will be delivered back to customer and reconnected. Time limit of 1/2 hour for pickup and delivery.

Home/Residental: $55 / Hour

Technician will travel to customer’s location and attempt to resolve any issues. Issues that might¬†be solved on-site include peripheral installation, browser issues, network errors, problems with a specific program, and some performance enhancement. Unfortunately issues such as no power or boot, serious virus infestation, intermittent shutdowns, and hardware warnings cannot be solved on site due to time and equipment limitations. If the issue cannot be solved on-site the pickup/drop-off service will be offered.

Business/Commercial: $75 / Hour

Technician or if necessary¬†multiple technicians will travel to customer’s location and attempt to resolve any issues or perform service. Services include network installation, expansion, and troubleshooting; server setup, upgrade, or maintenance; backup setup and verification; peripheral setup and troubleshooting; and workstation setup and maintenance. Consulting and general site surveys are also available.

Priority On-Site Service: $50 + Cost of Repair

On Site Priority Service describes same day appointments or any on site service involving rescheduling of previously scheduled appointments. Same day service will not always be available. Every effort will be made to schedule the service as soon as possible.